No Strings

No StringsChloe Reiss was goal orientated in her job and good at it. She kept her life professional but secretly she lusted after the man all the girls wanted, Aiden Landry. Chloe will be in direct competition with Aiden on the big ad campaign where they will have to fly to paradise where the matchmaking takes place.

Aiden Landry wanted the ad campaign which would help get himself started his own advertising agency. Aiden’s competition will be Chloe who was a fantasy of his. He will get a chance to fulfill that fantasy in paradise but with that step he will have come to reality and wonder if he can move forward.

No Strings is a novel by Janelle Denison. I have never read anything before from this author but I can say I liked the story. She seems to be a contemporary romance writer who writes her character to be very passionate. The story itself is hot and how could it not be when the two characters are flirting with each other for two years and then are put in a paradise setting there was no way these two weren’t going to be going at it.

Chloe was a good woman and determined to do well in her job but she is not all about her job if life presents with other objects. Aiden has been burned before and is cautious of being betrayed. The relationship between these two is flirtatious but it gets hot and steamy when they let themselves get into the fantasy of this paradise. So you would think that they would get along great for the most part and they do but when sex gets involved it gets more complicated. Sex and business doesn’t always work and it looked like it was going to be like that but right up at the end Denison gets the characters to change at least Aiden and have him realize that he made a mistake.

I would definitely be up for more on Janelle Denison.


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