The Reunion Lie

The Reunion LieZoe Montgomery needed to make a splash at her reunion as she wanted to show these girls who were her tormenters in high school that she was doing great. Zoe did have a lot of things going for her in her life but since she wasn’t with anyone she was thought of a failure. She will ask for help from a random stranger and she will be surprised that he will help.

Dan Forrester was not looking for anyone as he had been broken and betrayed by two woman he had thought he loved. He will be surprised when he agrees to play a role at least for the night. After that the thought of more with Zoe was appealing but he did not want to get too close to be betrayed once again.

The Reunion Lie is a book from Lucy King. I liked the book. It was quick and enjoyable with these characters who have their own problems they have to work through on their own but having someone to by your side always helps.

Zoe is a smart and well accomplished woman. I felt for her as all the bullying was described that had happened to her. Those girls were pretty terrible and I wished they had gotten some punishment when they were younger but it didn’t look like it happened. Her request of fake boyfriend started out innocent enough but those things never stay peaceful. There are many bumps in the road that go along with Zoe’s lie but it leads to more. So I thought that Dan was right to not trust easily but he was one who acted first and thought later. He blamed Zoe outright for what she did but when he has a second to actually think he will know that he was too harsh. He was not one that you would take back as he kept pushing his past as a blockade. I don’t know if I would take him back but he does apologize nicely and the last and final one seemed sincere so Dan was forgiven.

I liked Lucy King and her writing. I would definitely be up for reading another book from her.


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