Ride With Me

Ride with MeLexie Marshall writes an ad for a friendly cycling partner as she wanted to experience the TransAmerica Trail. She will get Tom Geiger who didn’t seem thrilled to have her at his side. They will bump their heads together on a number of occasions but they will be able to get along especially when they let go and have their passion take over.

Ride With Me is a standalone novel by Ruthie Knox. It seems that pretty much whatever I read from her I like. Her books are sensual and funny, and they go really quick.

Lexie was charming with her happy and very organized ways which made her likable. I am very organized so I could relate to the need to be on time. Of course over the years I have become a lot more flexible. I liked that Lexie let go and began to really explore on the journey. She explored what the trail had to offer and let herself go when it came to Tom whom she had instant lust for. I liked Tom Geiger. He was a surly kind of guy but there was more to him which actually surprised me. You knew some parts of his past made him this way and I thought Ruthie Knox uncovered his past well which explained his behavior.

Ride With Me is another great book by Ruthie Knox.


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