The Winter Sea

The Winter Sea (Slains, #1)Carrie McClelland has come to Scotland to research her book. She is drawn to this area knowing that her characters needed to be written from this location. She will find the locals who were willing to help with her novel thanks to her landlord and the landlord’s oldest son Graham Keith who she finds an uncontrollable draw towards. During the day she will research and at night write her story which just flows out of her thanks to her dreams. She is connected to her character Sophie as in her dreams she is watching Sophie’s life unfold which were memories of Sophie’s past.

The Winter Sea is the first book to the series Slains by Susanna Kearsley. I was drawn into the book with Kearsley’s writing as it was kind of haunting with the past memories and the connection that Carrie and Sophie has. It was a beautiful story. Now I will say I had to get used to reading back and fourth between the past and the present. I didn’t know how that was going to happen in the book which made it interesting to read but for me as I said I had to get used to, it didn’t take too long. I will be honest that at times I was a little bored with the past as there was a lot of information but overall I did like it. What I liked the best was how Carrie was writing her book since she was using her dreams of the past. It was interesting how the present and the past paralleled in some ways and I really liked Graham’s character as he was part of it just like Carrie with the past.

The story of the past was intriguing and once I got into that part of the story I was taken away by the story. I was pulling for Sophie to have that happy ending. The ending is a little tough as choices had to be made and not everyone comes out happy. That is until the surprise at the end. It was still sad but heartwarming.


2 thoughts on “The Winter Sea

  1. I’ve read all of Kearsley’s novels, I love them. This one was a bit long but good, THE ROSE GARDEN sticks out in my mind as another favorite.

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