How to Lose a Duke in Ten Days

How to Lose a Duke in Ten DaysStuart, Duke of Margrave, had a brush with death and knows he needs to come back home to his wife. He wants to make his marriage real but he will have to convince Edie. That will be a hard task as his wife will resist him but when he gives her a wager that will either keep them together or split them up forever. All he will need to do is convince his wife to kiss him.

Edie, Duchess of Margrave, has lived five years without her husband as he was off in Africa. The situation was perfect for Edie but that will all change when Stuart will come home. Edie needs to run away as her husband has set out to seduce her and want her in his life which is the one thing she can’t do. With the wager in place Edie will have ten days to stay away from her husband as a kiss is the only way she will lose. But with every day she spends with him she is healed more and more.

How to Lose a Duke in Ten Days is the second book to the series American Heiress in London by Laura Lee Guhrke. I loved this book and love this author. Really with every book that I get of Guhrke I fall into a nice rhythm where sit down and just read the book enjoying every page.

This is a book full of charm and flows very easily as the story was just a really good one to read. Edie and Stuart were doomed from the start when they walked into the relationship. Edie wasn’t ready for what Stuart might have wanted and Stuart was not ready for more at least at this time. Then five years happen and even though Edie is still broken she is opened for more, she just didn’t know it. Stuart came home because of a brush with death which had him thinking. He wanted more out of life which meant his wife. I liked that he only had 10 days to convince Edie to kiss him, to give him a chance.

Now even though there were characters that I loved there was a darker part to the book with what happened to Edie. With what happened to her I knew it was bad and pretty much knew what it would be but it was not confirmed until about half way through the book. How Stuart handled this new situation was the right way of doing things. I hated that her character went through this trauma but she grows stronger through the book and once she opens up it gets easier. Now the villain gets what he deserves and I was happy with the outcome as it gives Edie a piece of mind.


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