ReachedCassie is back searching for Ky as they were split up again. Cassie will be working for the Rising inside of the Society while Ky is outside on the border. They are running once again towards each other and away from the Society. Things will start changing as the Rising is coming and the pilot is coming forward.

Reached is the third and final book to the series Matched by Ally Condie. Well as this is the last book Condie wrapped up the series. To be honest I liked it but I just wasn’t into the story. It was a little over 500 pages and personally the last couple hundred pages were what I was concentrating on as it was wrapping up this story. Now I was happy to that Cassie and Ky did have that happy ending and that Xander had his own happy ending with another.

So this idea of the Rising and the Pilot were interesting concepts and I did think that Condie wrote about the Pilot well giving stories and poems to describe this person. The Pilot is a legend that had been told by many and is part of the Rising, the person who will lead people to freedom. I did like the message at the end of the book that is said about the Pilot. Now this is not an easy journey to take for this group with sickness spreading and plenty obstacles in their way and the inevitable battle for power between the Society and the Rising.

I felt that this book had a different vibe from the previous books but this one definitely gives an ending. So overall it was a decent trilogy and I would try out another book from Ally Condie to see what else she is writing.


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