CrossedCassie has been separated from her family and is now in search of Ky. She needs to find him and with leads she will be turning towards the canyons. Cassie will be armed with some poems and blue pills along with a girl she met on the way. She will find Ky and some others who were following him but that will only lead to more questions with the Rising and the Pilot.

Crossed is the second book to the series Matched by Ally Condie. I liked the story like the first book. There was more mystery to this plot and a lot of things that were not being said but you know that it will be revealed in the third book. I still have to say that I wasn’t blown away by the book but I liked it for what it was and thought it was a good survival story.

Now for the writing I did like the structure of the chapters as it alternated between Ky and Cassie giving us different points of view and more info that they might not share with each other. That really goes for Ky as he is not being entirely truthful. Once again though his being untruthful is not to be hurtful but some things can’t be said right away.

The mystery of Ky and Xander is a draw that pulls you into the book with wanting to know more. Also about the secret which is already partly known though Cassie will have to hear the truth from Xander himself. Then there is the Rising and the Pilot, who is the leader in this Rising, which is the main focus of the entire series, and its coming their way.

So the ending I was a little disappointed with how Condie left it as once again Ky and Cassie are separated but with the third book you know that they are going to make their way to each other again. I am reading the third book next which will be the final one in the series.


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