MatchedCassie believes in the society and the choices they make. She knows that at her matching ceremony she will be with the boy she loves. She will be paired with Xander but the next day reviewing his information a different boy will appear on her screen, Ky. The society can’t be wrong but something was going on and the more time she was spending with Ky the more she liked him.

Matched is the first book to the series Matched by Ally Condie. My cousin was the one who was pushing me towards this book. Before her I never heard about this author or the book. Well this is a young adult book which would be a reason I wouldn’t know but I was happy to have been told. I liked the book for what it was. Was it amazing? No but it held my attention.

The basic summary of the book is that this society runs its people. You are monitored with what you eat, what you do, what your career will be, who you will be with, how many children, and even when you die. Basically they control your life. You would think that people would make an uproar about this but thanks to these little pills people are either calmed or memories are erased. I liked the character of Cassie for asking questions and defying a little even it was just to talk to Ky and become closer. I liked Ky’s character as well but with him being quiet I felt he was hiding something, nothing bad but it was like he knew more.

Well this book definitely has an element of Divergent and I would say The Giver. These are survivor stories where the strong or the different had better not stand out as you will be a target. Now saying that there is definitely that young teen love that is involved and some teen drama but thanks to how these characters are supposed to be acting that teen drama is not a lot. The teen drama is usually why I avoid most young adult books, there are of course authors who are exceptions that write in this genre.

What I thought was interesting was the role they were playing with the interaction between Cassie and Ky. The secret will come out in the end but another mystery will come forward with who is really behind it. That I am sure will come forward in the second or third book and as I have concluded that I liked this one book to the series I will be going for the other two. I am curious how Ally Condie will continue and end this series. As this series is a trilogy I only have two books to read and they are already out so I wouldn’t have to wait too long just until the books are returned.


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