WildGeorgia was dumped by her boyfriend because she was too boring. Georgia started to get frustrated as she knew it was true, even her friends saw her as safe. She wants to try more and will go to the campus kink club where she will see her friends boyfriends little brother. He will force her out of the club since it was not her scene but she fought back and ended up kissing him. She will be blown away by the intensity of the kiss which will only be the beginning.

Logan had a reputation around the campus for being a player even though he was an eighteen year old in high school. He will want to protect Georgia from the club but when she kisses him everything changes. He wants more and will show Georgia that she wants the same thing even though she wouldn’t admit it right away.

Wild is the third book to the series Ivy Chronicles. I really enjoyed the third book and it pulled me in right away.

The characters of Georgia and Logan were intriguing. Georgia was the good girl and wanted to change her image. I thought she was going a little extreme with going to the kink club but she had to start somewhere. Now I liked Georgia but she kept going back and forth on her feelings and that was not fair to Logan in my opinion. I wanted her to make up her mind and go with her gut instead of letting her turn away from something good because of what others thought, especially her mother. She gets it together but it was frustrating to get to that point. When it finally happens I am cheering for the couple. Alright, now Logan. I liked him and thought him to be a kid but there was so much more to his character. He was a real man with plenty of experience, sexual and in life. He was very commanding when he pursued going after Georgia but you felt for him when he was rejected. Your heart broke for him and you wanted to yell at Georgia for doing that. Once again they will get it right and they will have a chance.

With the book there were no real villains but I will say that Harris at the end was not a very nice person. I was happy with the result. I guess you could also say that the mother was a villain in a sense. The mother wasn’t cruel but she was dictating her daughters life and did not listen to Georgia and what she wanted.

There was an epilogue which wraps up the story and gives us some happy information about the other two couples to let you know they are still getting their happy endings along with Georgia and Logan.


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