Foreplay (The Ivy Chronicles, #1)Peper has been in love with her best friends brother, Hunter, since she was young. Her friends convinced her that in order to gain Hunter’s attention they suggest for her to gain more experience. That experience was to come in the form of a hot bartender. Pepper will have to keep her goal in mind and try hard not to fall for Reece.

Reece worked long hours at his bar to improve it and make something of it. He was not expecting to find a girl to walk into his bar and proposition him to teach her about foreplay. Reece will take the task upon himself but will find himself falling for the girl he was helping get another man.

Foreplay is the first book to the series Ivy Chronicles by Sophie Jordan. I have only read so far historical romances written by Sophie Jordan and have loved them. I wanted to like this contemporary romance because I like Sophie Jordan’s writing and this book did not disappoint me whatsoever. I really enjoyed this book. There is something about Jordan’s writing that just tells you a great story that has you flipping those pages from the beginning to the end. This story wasn’t all about sex or foreplay but that was the start of Pepper and Reece’s interaction, it grew so much from that point. There was heartache, trust issues, bad childhood backgrounds and finally love.

Pepper was a person who did not trust thanks to her background which was pretty shocking. You felt for Pepper but wanted to shake her as she was not going for the man that was the right guy. She had put in her head that Hunter was the ideal man for her but the feelings were not there, yet she was stubborn. I love the instant connection that Pepper and Reece have and it is not just sexual as they can talk and have a background they can understand. Reece’s character I loved. He was a guy doing his job and trying to take care of his family and of course he was the tattooed bad boy or at least that is how he appeared to be. A girl like Pepper was not supposed to come his way. I like his take charge attitude but he is not a demanding one as he lets Pepper make the choice.

I have the other two books of the series and will be reading Tease next.


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