Vixen in Velvet

Vixen in VelvetSimon Blair, Marquess of Lisburne, has returned home to attend family matters but he knows that wouldn’t take all the time and a little seduction seemed like a good idea. Simon sets his sights on Leonie Noirot, the redheaded dressmaker who tempted him for more. Problem was she was helping transform his cousin, Lady Gladys, into a beauty.

Leonie Noirot has skills that make any type of woman show off their assets to the best advantage. She doesn’t want to be distracted by the seductive Marquess of Lisburne. She will make a wager to teach him a lesson but it might not go as planned as she will start to fall for the man.

Vixen in Velvet is the third book to the series Dressmakers by Loretta Chase. The last time I read a book from this series was back in January of 2013 so its been a while but when I started the book I wasn’t lost or confused. The sisters were once again alive in this book but of course it was Leonie’s time in the spotlight. I really liked this book. It was fun and had some of that quick wit banter which is always enjoyable in books.

Leonie liked to work behind the scenes and with the books but had a flair for making corsets that worked well for women. She is outspoken and does what she wants but is still timid and self conscious about her appearance as she doesn’t think she is a great beauty. I liked that Simon sees her as a beauty and works hard to make her realize that. Though he doesn’t go about doing things always the right way as his plan was to just seduce and then leave. Chase will not disappoint us with them not being together but there is a lot of resistance on Leonie’s side.

There are some cruel people in the book who would be considered the villains but there was no abduction or real violence. The trouble comes straight from scandal and rumors that are possible to ruin a woman’s reputation. Well thankfully damage is not overwhelming and causes anyone to leave London.

So I have to now try and find another novel by Loretta Chase and not let so much time go in between reading other authors, which is hard because there are so many authors out there to read.


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