The Expert’s Guide to Driving a Man Wild

The Experts Guide to Driving a man wildBrenna is a free spirit and is determined to live life with little to no attachment, whether that is relationships or material objects. She will meet her match when it comes to Grant. She likes to rattle him and loosen him up but when she volunteers to play the fake girlfriend she will notice there is a lot of sex appeal to him. She does not want a relationship but the more time she is with Grant it starts to turn into one. That will have Brenna running scared.

Grant is a man who likes order and everyone to follow the rules. Brenna was a pain in his side as it seems to be her one job was to rattle him. But when he is faced with his matchmaking mother he will be surprised when Brenna pretends to be his girlfriend. He will be even more surprised by the passion that flares between them. He will want more with Brenna but he will find that she is not willing to give her heart to him.

The Expert’s Guide to Driving a Man Wild is the third book to Bluebonnet series by Jessica Clare. I liked the book as Jessica Clare writes steamy, yes, but also characters who can be lighthearted, funny, serious and troubled. I was pulled into the book right away as Brenna was going about doing her job with destroying certain parts so Colt’s dad would have something to fix. It was a fun beginning and Jessica Clare keeps it going throughout the rest of the book.

I liked Brenna as she was truly a free spirit but her loose way of living was starting to drive me crazy in the book. She was getting too out of control and I didn’t like what that was doing to Grant. Then you get to know why Brenna is the way she is and it all makes sense. She is still a little too flighty but combined with Grant’s control they do make a good match. Okay now the character of Grant who is the opposite of Brenna in most everything. He is and will always be in control but with Brenna the control slips through his fingers. It is good for him to loosen up but when you find out what he had gone through it does make sense for his behavior. With these secrets they carried they were actually perfect for each other as these secrets defined who they didn’t want to be.

This is one passion filled, lots of sizzle kind of book because basically Grant and Brenna are having sex and lots of sex on many pages of this book. So this is not a new theme in the series as the previous books had a lot of sex between them. I am going to assume that trend will continue with the fourth book, which stars Elise and obviously Rome, that came out this June. I want to read their story but will let the series grow a little more first.

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