The Mediator-Ninth Key

The Mediator-Ninth KeySusannah is having a better start to her new life than she thought. She is going to parties and has friends but it will all start to go strange when a boy, Tad, who likes her. The problem happens when she sees another ghost, a woman, and she is pleading to tell Red a message. Susannah will have to find this Red which will lead her to Tad Beaumont’s family and more trouble than she can handle.

Ninth Key is the second book to the series Mediator by Meg Cabot. I once again liked this book a lot. I mean what’s not to love with a spunky heroine who gets in way over her head with trouble but makes it out alive.

So Susannah is still hard at work trying to deal with the dead and getting their messages across to the intended person. It is interesting how Susannah knows two ghost, her father and Jesse, but when she needs information about this mysterious woman ghost they can’t help. It makes Susannah’s job harder to do but you need that when telling a story. If everything was easy then you would get bored.

I liked that Cabot is writing more on this gift that Susannah has, first from the priest and then from the psychics. I liked that the psychics were able to see what Susannah could do.

The villain is defined in the book, I am not going to say who, but they are certainly a lot of trouble for Susannah. Jesse, who still around Susannah’s room, will be helping her out of these tight situations that she will be getting herself into. Still love Jesse and will continue to do so.

I am reading the third book, Reunion, next.


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