Trouble Me

Trouble MeJade Radcliffe was trouble back when she was a teen as she walked the line of the law one too many times but she was now grown up and was responsible. Jade will let her wild side slip one last time right before she heads home to be a teacher. She will sleep with a stranger and feels good as she will never see him again except he will be the father of one of her students and the one who had arrested her back as a teen.

Officer Rob Cooper was not looking for a one night stand but found it with a woman who was too good looking to leave alone. He felt alive in that moment but knew that he had to get back to his life. He will be shocked to find that his mystery woman was his daughters teacher and the woman he blamed for his wife’s death.

Trouble Me is third book to the Rosewood Trilogy by Laura Moore. When I read that Jade was responsible for Rob’s wife being dead I actually was rethinking about reading this book. I didn’t want to read the story if that was true. Well I decided to try the first couple pages and I kept going for a couple more pages. I was sucked into the book and all the characters that were floating around the book. So needless to say I actually really liked this book.

Spoiler Alert: Oh and to make it better I found out that she wasn’t the cause of the wife’s untimely death. Rob just blamed her as he was busy being an officer with Jade and he wasn’t with his wife who was feeling poorly.

Jade was the rebellious wild child only reformed. I liked that she still had that wild side but it was pulled back though I loved mostly that she was a teacher whom the children loved learning from. She was responsible and when she needed to stand up for herself she would fight but there was still that doubt in her thanks to her high school days. Rob was a stubborn man still mourning his wife for the most part. It took a wild night for him to feel alive again. I liked that Moore didn’t make him the typical angry cop who wouldn’t smile. He did have a smile especially for his daughter for others around him. He had a sense of humor and was a good man. He was just misguided in his anger towards Jade especially as he had felt guilty for not being there for his wife. Now the connection that Jade and Rob have is dynamic and inspires fireworks but there is still a sweetness that comes from their interaction.

All the kids in the class were cute but I thought Haley was an adorable addition to the book and a needed character otherwise there would not be that charm which Moore had. With the family aspect it was heartwarming and it felt real.

So I really liked this book but there was still a part of me who was a little confused with the story that was happening. It was happening all at once and I felt it was a story in process. You can follow book but with all the names I had to make sure I was getting them right. Maybe I should have read this series in order, but even with me not reading the other books it is a story that can be read on its own. Moore does explain what kid belongs to who and the plot flowed. I will be coming back to this series so I can read Margot and Jordan’s story. I thought in this book they sounded like their stories would be very entertaining to read.


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