UnbelievableJosie Jackson wanted to walk on the wild side and date other men who were not so boring. She will be surprised when she meets Ben to find him the exact opposite of the kind of man her sister usual set her up with. Josie will be we getting that night she will always remember.

Nick Harris was standing in for his friend Ben. He was expecting Josie to be standoff but he will be surprised and attracted to her instantly. Nick will want her but it will be difficult as she thinks he is someone else.

Tantalizing is a novel written by Lori Foster. In this book there was also the book Fantasy which I have already read. I decided of course to reread it again and once again I found it to be a very good and quick to read. Now back to the novel Tantalizing, I thought it was a very entertaining. Lori Foster for me can always write a story that I will like. This story was about 200 hundred pages but it really went fast and was another steamy story from Foster. She writes those steamy scenes really well. The one thing that I thought was not very believable was how forgiving Josie was of Nick when she finds out that he was lying to her. I thought she should have gotten a little more angry but I was still glad that they found their own happy ending.


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