How to Dance With a Duke

How to Dance with a DukeMiss Cecily Hurston wants to clear her father’s name which has been linked to a scandalous rumor. To gain access to information she must marry a club member so she can step inside the exclusive club. She will soon find herself enlisting the help of Lucas Dalton.

Lucas Dalton, Duke of Winterson, did not intend to find an alliance with Cecily Hurston but it will work in his favor as his brother went missing in her fathers expeditions. Lucas will be driven to find out the truth with what happened on that expedition and with Cecily’s help they will look for the truth.

How to Dance With a Duke is the first book to the series Ugly Ducklings by Manda Collins. This is my first try with Manda Collins and I found myself enjoying the book. Collins will engage you with characters who were charming and were not the most popular, but wallflowers of the ballrooms.

Of course when it came to Cecily’s character she was a wallflower and a bluestocking especially when it came to Egypt, but she had spirit. That spirit came out when trying to protect her father’s name and her friend. She at times was clueless when it comes to a lot of things but she is brave when the time calls for it. Lucas was a determined man who wanted things to go back the way they were when he was not the Duke, but he can’t go back. I liked Lucas for his honor and determination. He was not going to change into someone he wasn’t just because he had a title.

Now the interaction between them is fun and filled with some banter that makes the dialogue lighthearted but when it comes to romance they will steam up the pages. Their will be a fire between them that is ignited and stays ignited through out the book.

The mystery behind these diaries and possible murder was intriguing and I wanted to know more with what was truly happening and where the diaries were located.  I liked how this mystery progressed with more and more information being revealed.

Manda Collins continues the series with Cecily’s friends which I am definitely interested in reading.

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