Yours to Keep

Yours to Keep (Kowalski Family, #3)Emma Shaw created a fake relationship with a man she had never officially met but with him back she has to act fast. She needs Sean to help fool her grandmother for one month so her grandmother can go back to Florida without worrying about her.

Sean Kowalski was back in his home town and was just given a proposition to be in a fake relationship. Sean will help Emma try to pull this off even though he doubts it will work.

Yours to Keep is the third book to Kowalski Family series by Shannon Stacey. I liked this story. At times it was a little silly with what Emma and Sean were doing to try to fool the grandmother but it was an enjoyable book to read.

Emma wanted only to ease her grandmothers worries which makes her a good person but a little crazy for creating such a lie. She was also hardheaded and went toe to toe with Sean which was good because I wouldn’t like her as much if she was going to submit to him. Now Sean was an army man getting back into civilian life and was just given an outrageous proposition. He doesn’t go for it then he changes his mind. He was a good man to help out Emma in this crazy situation. Stacey makes Emma and Sean believable in their fake relationship like when Emma blushes every time Sean touches her. Or how there is to very little contact between them. They were small things but it made sense.

The grandmother was someone I really liked. She was a smart woman and was not one to be fooled. She knew immediately the relationship wasn’t real but she was going to pretend innocence so Emma and Sean might develop a true relationship.

With reading this book I am curious to how the rest of the Kowalski family would be. Within the book you got to know the characters but as always with each book you will gain insight on that particular character who is featured. The Kowlaski Family series will be another series for me to get into, and there is plenty of books with this large family, siblings and cousins combined.


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