Sense & Sensibility

Sense & SensibilityThe Dashwood family have now been evicted from their home due to their stepbrother’s wife who wants nothing to do with them. Now Elinor, the oldest, along with Marianne, Margaret and their mother Belle have to make it on their own. But they will get some help from other family members along the way.

Sense & Sensibility was a story that Jane Austen had written and since then become a classic novel. Personally my favorite of Austen has and always will be Pride & Prejudice but I will say that Sense & Sensibility is a close second alongside to Emma and Mansfield Park.

This adaption was done really well. I felt that Joanna Trollope kept the plot and scenarios the same but she added a modern day twist to them with bringing these characters to the present day. Like with the original book I was charmed by the characters because they still had that same feel to them and I could easily imagine them just like I did with Austen’s book and the many movies that were created following the story.

My favorite characters would have to be the Dashwood sisters. They might not have always acted liked they liked each other but in the end they loved one another like sisters which is very much like any kind of siblings. Personally my favorite sister would of course be Elinor as she was the one that held everything together. You felt for her with her struggles to hold her head up high when it came to Edward who was to be with another. Of course all it not lost for Edward and Elinor or for Marianne who had her own heartache.

The people who drove me nuts were Fanny, Fanny’s mother, Lucy, and even John Dashwood. Interestingly enough their were moments that you did see the good in them but for the most part they were either weak and conformed to what others said or were bully’s who wanted to get what they thought were owed to them.

Now this book is part of a collection written by other authors in a series called Austen Project. It appears that different authors are writing modern day versions of Austen’s novels. I will be definitely coming back to this series trying more.  


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