How to Capture a Countess

How to Capture a CountessRose Balfour never thought she would be invited to her godmothers house. She went ahead to the house party for her sisters hoping that if she made a good impression her sisters would be treated the same way. Rose will be baffled when she comes face to face with the man that had kissed her senseless six years ago. She knew that she needed to stay away from him but that was hard to do as he was bent on seducing her.

Lord Alton Sinclair or Lord Sin known to many wanted revenge on the woman who had caused many to mock him six years ago. Thanks to his aunt he will have his chance at revenge except whenever he came near her the control he has leaves. He becomes enthralled with the woman before him and wants nothing more than to touch her, to kiss her.

How to Capture a Countess is the first book to the series Duchess Diaries by Karen Hawkins. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Hawkins always brings a sense of humor to her story and a fun plot that will leave you entertained.

Rose was someone who did what she could for those she loved. She was a good person and someone who didn’t mean to hurt others, but it was funny how she was always bruising Sin whenever they were together. Now Lord Sin was a man on a mission and it was a vindictive one as he was aiming for Rose. I loved how Hawkins slowly showed his act of revenge was leaving his mind and only the idea of being with Rose was taking over. They were very compatible with each other. Their touch was explosive leaving them both wanting each other every time they were near. I liked the unpredictability that Hawkins created when Rose and Sin were trying to find a way to be alone together.

Since I enjoyed this book I found myself looking up the next two books. I found out that this series has another author writing her own stories, but as of right now I am sticking to Hawkins stories with the Duchess Diaries. I was happy to see that the two books will feature the two other Balfour sisters, and since my library has then I will be getting them very soon.


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