Tempted Again

Tempted AgainMarissa Bennett has had some problems over the past months with a new divorce and coming back home. She is working as a librarian which is something she loves along with helping out kids. She will be troubled once again when the man whom she loved and left her is in her hometown.

Connor Doyle is the Sheriff of the town and takes his job seriously along with helping out teens who are troubled. He will not appreciate when the new librarian starts to help out in his program. It didn’t help that he had a past with Marissa but in order to help the teens they had to work together.

Tempted Again is the third book from the series West Investigations by Cathie Linz. I have to say that I wasn’t blown away by this book. This was my first introduction to the author, so I was looking forward to finding a new author to start reading. I think I will still try another book just to see if my opinion changes.

Marissa was a woman down on her luck and one that held a grudge. I guess I was annoyed by her character for holding that grudge on Connor for so long. I get that it was traumatic in that time but she had to let it go. Then again I can understand holding a grudge because I am like that as well at times. Connor was kind of cocky at times but overall good guy who liked to give Marissa a hard time. It was a second time for them to get it right which they will in the end.

I did end up liking the teens who were in the program that Connor and Marissa had run together. I thought the teens brought something more to this story. They were the reason for Connor and Marissa to work side by side which let them be together.

There were parts of the book that I did like but overall I just wasn’t into the book. I think it was because the characters weren’t making me want to read about them. As I said above I will try Cathie Linz again, but perhaps go to a different series or one of her many novels.


One thought on “Tempted Again

  1. Thanks for this honest review. If we liked them all then what fun would it be to find those wonderful gems.

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