Maid of Dishonor

Maid of DishonorGina Carrington was not one to shy away from flirtation and sex but with one night with Carter ten years ago she felt shame. She broke up a friendship and damaged a soon to be marriage. Gina changed after that, she was still a flirt but wiser. She will now be making apologies to Carter but old habits are hard to get rid of. She will find herself with Carter once again but this time there was nothing stopping the relationship.

Carter had never forgotten Gina since that night and now he has a second chance with her and this time he wouldn’t let her get away. Though it wouldn’t be easy to keep Gina at his side.

Maid of Dishonor is the third book to Wedding Season series by Heidi Rice. I liked this book at lot and found it intriguing to read with the secret that Gina had been holding, and the hurt feelings that night which ruined a friendship.

As I am going through this series it is very interesting that it is being written by four different authors and yet they all work. The personalities are all the same from book to book which is great as you get the fluidity of the series.

Carter and Gina’s story which was talked about in hushed terms throughout the series with what happened between them ten years ago. Though this book will go in more discussion with what happened and give Gina’s side of the story, not just the crude one she had given. Gina to me seemed more with this story. I liked her before but she is a better person to me as I find out what happened that night and the aftermath. Carter to me seemed like a player but that was deceiving as he was much more. I liked that he was focused on what he lost and was determined to find a way to win her back. There are bumps in that road a secret that Gina was keeping will come out and will be shocking everyone, but it gives them that second chance that was waiting for them.

The final book, Last Groom Standing, is next for me.

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