Smooth Sailing

Smooth SailingJeb Whitcomb was a billionaire trying to find himself to prove to his ex-girlfriend that he can change. Changing from a playboy was difficult when he was tempted left and right with a nurse who worked at his side.

Haley French was a RN and loved her job but it became difficult when she had to deal with Jeb. She resented him for making everything he did a big deal. Haley will resist the man but then one night she will let loose and find herself the next morning stranded on a yacht with the man she wanted to avoid.

Smooth Sailing is the second book from the series Stop the Wedding by Lori Wilde. When I started this series I didn’t know that they would be connecting to the same wedding. I figured it was several different weddings these men were coming to stop. So here in this one it is Jeb who is trying to stop a wedding where his ex-girlfriend is the bride. The ex is Jackie who is Boone’s sister, who was in the first book. I liked that they were connected and it seems they are all happening at the same time.

I liked Jeb for the most part as Wilde makes him likeable as he was trying to change from someone who had everything. At times I wanted to hit Jeb over the head and yell at him for being blinded by the idea of his ex-girlfriend when a woman he could love was right there. With Haley’s character I really liked her. She was a little shy, a little broken but she had a fire inside her. I was heartbroken for Haley with what had happened in her past. I wanted her to have that happy ending, and that ending was a struggle but it does happen.

So about the ending, it was once again very very sappy but I loved it. It felt like a movie I have seen which made it corny but great at the same time.

I am reading the last book, Crash Landing, next.


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