Night Driving

Night DrivingBoone Toliver needed to get to Key West to stop his sister from marrying a man she knew only for a month. With a very recent knee surgery he couldn’t drive himself and he had to get there by Saturday. He will be rescued by his neighbor who he tried to avoid.

Tara Duvall wanted to know her neighbor but he always ignored her. Now she is moving back home and that chance to get to know him has vanished. At least it was until she made herself available to drive him to Florida to stop his sisters wedding.

Night Driving is the first book to Stop the Wedding series by Lori Wilde. I picked up this series which are three books in total. I liked the book as it was cute and very fast paced. This book just reach a little over 200 pages. It was shocking how fast I was done with this book. I guess I was reading a lot longer books recently.

The premise of the story is the brother thinks his sister is making a mistake, so what does he do? He travels to Florida and tries to stop her. I will have to say it is believable that a brother would do that as he is trying to protect his sister from making a mistake. I liked Tara who was very bubbly and wants to be the center of attention but she is not shallow. I liked that she broke down Boone’s walls and made his smile.

The romance is hot and heavy as with any romance but there are bumps in the road that will shake this attraction. The ending I have to say is a little sappy but it gave the couple that happy ending you were hoping for.


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