Waiting on You

Waiting on youColleen O’Rourke had been in love only once in her life and he was back in town to say goodbye to his uncle who was dying. She did not want to see him knowing that she would fall back in love but that wasn’t a choice as he was keeping close to her.

Lucas Campbell was here to help his Uncle Joe and to say goodbye. He knew that seeing Colleen would stir up old feelings but he didn’t want to start anything. Staying away from her seemed impossible though in the small town and Lucas knew that with enough time by her side he would want her all over again.

Waiting On You is the third book to Blue Heron series by Kristan Higgins. Once again I really liked this book. Kristan Higgins is a writer that I want to come back for more.

So Colleen was a woman who was unlucky in love. She was a flirt and a very confident woman or so it appeared on the outside. She was fragile and in need of love. I liked that for Colleen does get a second chance at love even though it was a very bumpy ride. Lucas was a man of few words but was a good man who just wanted to have something of his own. Now I think that Lucas was a little on the weak side when he was in his twenties and didn’t fight for Colleen. He makes up for it but he is still hardheaded about how to show Colleen what he wants.

I thought the backgrounds of Colleen and Lucas were written well and placed thoughtfully in the book. They were heartwarming and heartbreaking as you got to know these characters.

Now I really did like these characters as they were dynamic and felt real with real problems, my problem was I was torn. I wanted the happy ending as the romance reader in me and I was thrilled with the ending, then the other side of me was kind of annoyed. I felt that Colleen gave in way too easily. Sure it was her personality but I was disappointed that she didn’t resist more as this was a man who didn’t say that he loved her for all four years of dating. But as I said the romantic in me was thrilled with the outcome because I wanted them to be happy.

I would really like more on this series as there are still characters out there that haven’t had their story told. The fourth book is out this month which I can’t wait to read. Though to keep myself occupied I will have to try one of Higgins many novels as getting the fourth book could take some time with people checking it out.


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