What the Groom Wants

What the groom wantsRadley Lyncott is back to his home and is excited as he will now be able to pursue the woman he has loved, but he will find that somethings have changed for himself and her. He will find out that Wendy has lead a secret life and has another pursuing her but he will not let that stand in his way.

Wendy Drew has lead a life that she is not proud of but it was to help her family. She is now with a good job but there is a problem as she has taken on the task to pay down her brothers debt. By doing this she attracted the attention of Demon Damon who wants her.

What the Groom Wants is the fourth book to the series Bridal Favors by Jade Lee. It has been a while since I picked up a book from Jade Lee but I have say that you can really just read these books and enjoy the plots without having to worry like you are missing anything. They are each their own stories with characters that will pop up from the previous books.

I really liked What the Groom Wants. I have been waiting for Wendy’s story and I can’t say I was disappointed. I liked her spunk, cleverness and her drive to help protect her family even though it could cause harm to her. At first I wasn’t loving Radley’s character as he seemed too easy going, there was no mystery about him but as the story went on I found myself cheering for his character. He was given a big change in his life and didn’t let it change him. He fought for what he wanted.

The villain was clear but really I had wondered in the beginning if Demon was going to turn good but after a while you knew there was no chance of that happening.

The one thing I am missing from this series are the novellas which feature some of the other side characters mentioned in these books. Now if I can’t get them there I feel that I will be starting a new series of hers, which one I have no idea.

2 thoughts on “What the Groom Wants

  1. Jade Lee is one of my favorite authors. I liked this one.

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