It Happened One Wedding

It Happened one weddingSidney Sinclair was thinking that it was hopeless to find Mr. Right and she will admit that her recent break up from her fiance has harden her heart. She will soon start to look for Mr. Right Now who just might be her sisters soon to be brother in law.

Special Agent Vaughn Roberts liked his job and liked his freedom especially with woman. He will instantly want Sidney when he sees her but the feeling isn’t mutual which created an allure. Vaughn will pursue this woman which wouldn’t be hard as they were going to be together for the next three months helping to plan a wedding.

It Happened One Wedding is the fifth book to the series FBI/Us Attorney by Julie James. I haven’t read anything from Julie James for a while but I remember reading her some of her books. I looked back from my earlier posts and saw it was from four years ago. I think there was such a big gap because she only had several books out available to read. Still there are not tons of books as I only need to read four books of hers but I am looking forward to reading them as with this story was something that pulled me into the story and wouldn’t let go until the very end.

Needless to say I really loved this book. There was a simplicity of the plot as it surrounded a wedding being planned and of course an undercover story happening on Vaughn’s end. I fell in love with these characters. For one reason they seemed like real people with real problems. Second is that their relationship started out with annoyance but with interaction they were able to like each other more. I liked that Sidney was walking on the wild side and not thinking about settling down with Vaughn as she knew that he would break her heart. I was okay with her going on dates with other men because I figured she would finally understand that she really had fallen for Vaughn. The same thing could be said with Vaughn, he understood his feelings as he heard about her bad dates and the one that had potential.

I am going to get back to this series soon. I wouldn’t mind any of the books to read but I do want to read Cade’s story who was in this book as one of Vaughn’s friends. I will have to see what is available for me to pick up.

2 thoughts on “It Happened One Wedding

  1. I really enjoyed this series because they combined romance with some more dramatic and suspenseful elements. Absolutely loved all of the characters too!

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