Camelot Series

Ruthi Knox is an author I have read only one book from, which I loved so I grabbed the Camelot series. For the whole weekend I went through the first book to the fourth book reading all about these Clark siblings.

How to Misbehave (Camelot, #1)How To Misbehave

Amber Clark has a big crush on the construction worker in her building but has no guts to let him know. She will have a chance with Tony Mazzara when a tornado threats to cause harm and she will be stuck in the basement with Tony.

Along Came Trouble (Camelot, #2)Along Came Trouble

Caleb Clark is a security specialist and is good at his job but this newest one would be challenging as he wanted Ellen Callahan, the woman he was supposed to protect. Loving this woman would not be easy as Ellen was not one to trust.

Flirting with Disaster (Camelot, #3)Flirting With Disaster

Katie Clark wanted to make something of herself after a disastrous marriage. Katie wanted to move on and have fun in her life which would be easy as a musician wanted her. The only problem was she kept thinking about Sean Owens who worked for her brother.

Making It Last (Camelot, #4)Making It Last

Amber Mazzara feels that she is losing herself with all the chaos in her life and will be surprised when she is given a gift to be left alone in Jamaica. She will not be left alone for long as a man will be there to seduce her, the man will be her husband Tony.

Overall I liked this series and Ruthie Knox can write steamy scenes and scenes that actually felt real as they were hard to get through and worth it in the end.

I liked all the siblings as they were a little different but always there for each other. When reading Amber’s story I thought there was missing something when I finished the book. Then I read the fourth book which revisited Amber and Tony’s story but some years later. You got to know her more in this second novella.

Caleb’s story was one that didn’t take long to get into. There were four main characters, Caleb, Ellen, Jamie and Carly. Caleb and Ellen were the main story and their relationship was not easy as they had plenty of ups and downs throughout the entire story. I was cheering for them but knew that it would be up to Ellen to make up her mind. Carly was very much like Ellen as they were women who did not trust easily and certainly did not let others into their lives. I liked how Jamie pursued Carly relentlessly and of course he wins but it was a battle. At times I was thinking that these two women needed to chill out with the aggression but they did have a point to be angry, they were just coming on a little strong with that emotion.

Katie’s story was one I fell into as you were already introduced to her and Sean in the previous book. I liked the story. There was a threat of a stalker or someone who was making threats but it turned out not to be too sinister in the end. I was happy that the egotistical musician did have his happy ending. He only got his happy ending thanks to Katie and Sean who were interesting to read. I liked that Sean was not your typical hero as he had a bad stutter which only made me like him more. Katie I liked but she was a little annoying at times. I warmed up to her character when she started to go for the right guy. I will say that this book I think had the most sex in it by far. Sean and Katie could not get enough of each other.

I am certainly coming back for more of Ruthie Knox’s books.


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