When She Was Wicked

When She Was WickedMiss Anabelle Honeycote was a seamstress and very good at her job only the money was not very good. Anabelle found a more lucrative way of earning money which resulted with her blackmailing clients. She had done this only three other times before and on her fourth try she will be stopped by the Duke of Huntford. Her life will for the better because of his generosity but she will start to lose her heart to the him.

Owen Sherbourne, the Duke of Huntford, cares deeply for his sister and family which was why he would stop the extortion plan. He will surprise his blackmailer, Anabelle, and have her make his sisters an entire wardrobe. With every moment he has Anabelle in his house he will want to help her, to protect her and want her. Owen knows he can’t marry her but he knows he can’t lose her either.

When She Was Wicked is the first book by Anne Barton’s series Honeycote. I loved this book. I thought the writing was well done and even though the story line was not very different from ones I have read, it flowed and kept me reading until the very end.

What got me were the characters in Anne Barton’s book. Owen was really actually loveable. He was a very good brother who took care of his sisters. He wasn’t a blackguard but he was charming especially when it came to Anabelle who he wanted more and more. Anabella was a seamstress and blackmailer which was pretty interesting. I really loved her character as she was a survivor and she also loved her family as she would do anything to help them.

Romance between them was seductive and charming at the same time. I wanted them to have that fairytale ending and I wasn’t disappointed with Barton at the end.

I really liked the sisters on Owen’s side, Olivia and Rose. I was cheering for Rose to find her voice again and for Olivia to find happiness. Of course Olivia’s story will have to wait as that will be coming out in October of this year. No word on Rose’s story but I am sure that will be written eventually. The other sister is Daphne who is related to Anabelle. I liked her but I felt I didn’t get to know her that much so I am definitely looking forward to reading her story to find out more about her when I get it from my library.


One thought on “When She Was Wicked

  1. I really liked this one, too.

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