When Snow Falls

When Snow Falls (Whiskey Creek, #2)Cheyenne Christensen has lead a hard life and it only gets tougher as her moms, Anita, cancer is back and it looks like she will be dying very soon. Life for Chey will get a little easier as she starts to find love with the person she least expected but there will be obstacles that will get in her way.

Dylan Amos has liked and wanted Chey from afar and with one comment to her a chance with her could be possible. Dylan will find that being with her is not very easy with all that she has to handle. He is no stranger to complications as he has to deal with them in his own family.

When Snow Falls is the second book to the series Whiskey Creek by Brenda Novak. After reading this book I remembered why I love reading this author. She gets you to feel and tells a good story in the process. I am probably a little more for her suspense series, Last Stand, but I could not fault this book. It was a page turner and I can’t wait to read the next several books I have in the series.

So in my summary it doesn’t express all that is happening in this book. There is a mystery with Chey about this blonde woman she keeps dreaming of which is linked to a private investigator that is tracking down Anita. You knew what happened as Novak explained between conversations that were with Anita and Presley, Chey’s sister, and I really liked how she unfolded the story.

Chey was a strong woman but kept to herself for most of her life thanks to how her life had turned out. I liked her character right away in the book which is funny as in the novella I had read previously I didn’t get a great vibe from her or the friends as they had abandoned Olivia. Now with her own story I got to know her character which makes the difference and throughout the story she finds her voice. Now Dylan was the bad boy type but looks can be deceiving. He was a good man and had grown from his mistakes which were not as bad as most people thought. I liked Dylan and Chey together as they made sense, but there was competition for Chey. It was between Joe and Dylan and for a while I didn’t know who Chey would pick. For me I thought Dylan was more appropriate because they did make sense and anyways Joe was like a fantasy for Chey, and fantasy’s are never what they all that are cracked up too.

The villain for me was Anita and what she had done. She was not a good person or mother to either Presley or Chey. She was worst to Chey as she took her secret to the grave.

Presley’s character I just wanted to hug with all the things that have gone wrong. Sure she is the one who is doing them to herself but that doesn’t mean she can’t get a break. Although with what happened at the end with her I know that is going to cause a problem with her own book which will be the last book I have to read from the series. First I have to read Callie, Noah and Ted’s story before I reach Presley. Up next is When Summer Comes with Callie.


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