Hard As You Can

Hard as You Can (Hard Ink, #2)Shane McCallan was by far the most charming man in the group and it comes in handy when he is in a tough situation. He will find himself stumped when he meets Crystal. He will want this woman but before he can trust her he needed to know more of her situation and about her. Shane will find out what he needs to know and knows he needs to protect her.

Crystal Dean, her real name Sara, is a waitress at the club her boyfriend helps run but she is not there by choice. She is there in order to survive but now that is getting to be dangerous with things spiraling out of control. She will have to make a choice which will have her turning towards Shane.

Hard As You Can is the second book to Laura Kaye’s series Hard Ink which was a great second addition to the story and one that I couldn’t get enough of. This story picks up right after the first story which I liked as you are brought right back to that time. I thought the first book was gritty but the second book was even more so. There was definitely more violence going on especially with Crystal’s character.

Her character was in a bind that started with her father and his choices. There were some pretty horrific things that happened to her and one that is a continual one is the domestic abuse that she receives with her criminal boyfriend. She only dates him to survive and to protect her sister. All of this should have broken her but she was a fighter. Now Shane is a charming man but has an edge that makes him lethal when needed. He is not a trusting man but he is a good man and wants to help Crystal get her out of her bad situation.

Throughout the story I was waiting to find out more on what was going on with this mystery and Kaye gives once again another clue that leads us closer. Part of me just wants all the information right now but this intrigue is great because I am anticipating and needing the next book. I can’t wait to read Jenna’s story especially with what had happened to her at the end of the book. Her story is out this month as a novella and the next novel is coming out in November. I might take a break from Laura Kaye only to have the series build up a little more.

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