Season for Scandal

Season for Scandal (Holiday Pleasures, #3)Jane Tindall wanted a scandal as she wanted to be noticed. She will soon find out that having a scandal is not all that she wanted to be. Jane will have to change her way of thinking and save her marriage the man she loves while trying to make their marriage real.

Edmund Ware, Baron Kirkpatrick, needed a wife and Jane would do well but he wasn’t ready for her. She was impulsive and was caring but he could not confide in her. In order to have his marriage work he will have to atone for his sins.

Season for Scandal is the third book by Theresa Romain from her series Season. So after reading the first two books I was excited to read the next one especially as Jane was going to be in it. I was a little disappointed with the story. It was still well done and had built up enough intrigue but I wasn’t drawn into the book as I was with the other two.

Jane is an interesting character as her drive to be in a scandal is almost a number one desire. At times I find that she was a little too childish but I came to like her because she was a good person. She was trying to make her marriage real, she just might not have been doing it the right way. Edmund is the nicest man in London especially to wallflowers and widows but he has in demons that plague him. I found the intrigue with what happened to Edmund was a definite draw into the book because you want to find out. Edmund’s atonement is played up a lot throughout the book. It didn’t necessarily bother me but I wanted at times to have Edmund suck it up and share his secret with Jane so she could help.

I am taking a break from Theresa Romain and moving on to another author, but I will be back for more.


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