Season for Surrender

Season for SurrenderAlexander Edgware, Lord Xavier, was given a wager to invite an innocent lady to one of his party’s. The innocent happened to be Miss Louisa Oliver but he will not be wanting to ruin her, he will play protector to keep her reputation safe.

Miss Louisa Oliver was given an invitation to a party that is known for the scandalous activities and she was going to take a chance as she figured she was going to be a spinster forever. She was going to have some fun but she will find out that her invitation was given to her with strings attached.

Season for Surrender is the second book to the series Season by Theresa Romain. This is the second book I have tried by the author and I have to say I once again enjoyed her writing.

I was happy to read about Louisa and how she was going to not cry off because of these two guys were making her part of a wager. She was getting stronger in the book with showing a side of personality that she kept quiet. She was also able to bring out a better person in Alex as he kept questioning his life now. Alex was a decent man but underneath all the scandal that kept him in the wager books and newspapers. Personally throughout the story I really didn’t know why Alex’s reputation for scandal was really all that important to him. He does realize it towards the end but he was pretty stubborn to not show defeat through it all.

Their romance started out very slow and there were obstacles in the way as Louisa had to get over being angry at Alex for something she thought he did. As that obstacle was dropped they were able to embark on their feelings and the tension that was between them. Of course it is never that easy as the bad guy will show up. I wasn’t all too surprised by the person as it made sense with how clues of how this character was described by Romain. I liked how Alex and Louisa had thwarted the bad guy in the book towards the end. It was pretty great how they got the upper hand and giving themselves a happy ending all at the same time.

I am reading next the third book which will have Jane as the main character whom I found funny but know that with her behavior she will be getting into trouble.


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