Season for Temptation

Season for Temptation (Holiday Pleasures, #1)Julia Herington was happy for her sister, Louisa, but there will be a problem with her new soon to be brother in law has her heart beating for him. She wants him but will have to stay away as she knew that James was not for her.

Viscount Matheson, James, found his betrothed and thought she would be perfect for his wife to be. Everything would be perfect if Louisa’s sister, Julia, wasn’t so appealing to him.

Season for Temptation is the first book from Theresa Romain’s series Season. I was honestly not sure if I would like this book at first. I didn’t want the story to be with having these sisters come to hate each other over a guy. It didn’t end up like that thanks to Louisa as she knew her own mind, and thanks to that I really did like the book.

So I did think at times Julia was a little silly. The thing is I couldn’t help but like her character. She was lively and animated with pretty much always with a smile on her face. You wanted her to find a man to love which happened to be James. Now James was a good man and would go through with his betrothal as it was the right thing to do even though it was Julia that he loved. My heart broke for them because to be together they had to hurt other people, but Romain will give them a chance to find happiness.

I liked Louisa’s character as she was a soft spoken person who did not like going into London and having to play a role, but there is fire. I am interested in how she will change or come out of her shell when having to deal with Xavier in the next book which I will be reading next.

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