And Then She Fell

And Then She FellHenrietta Cynster is known as the Matchbreaker as she can break up a couple finding out that they would not be right for each other. Her last job leaves her guilty and proceeds to help out James Glossup find his future wife. Henrietta wasn’t expecting to start to feel things for James but the more time she was with him the harder it was to look for another person to be his wife.

James Glossup needs a wife in a very short time and he was about to get one but was stopped by Henrietta. He will be surprised when she will help him but James will accept the help as he knows that he needs it. As James stays by Henrietta’s side he will start to see her in a new light and will want only Henrietta.

And Then She Fell is the fourth book to the Cynster Sisters series by Stephanie Laurens. I have not read any books from Stephanie Laurens in a while after I finished the Cynster seires. I had decided to take a break from the author but when I was walking the aisles of my library I came upon two books that said Cynster novel and decided to grab them.

First off I liked the book. Henrietta was an interesting character as a Matchbreaker and I liked that she was using her skills to find a match for James. She was smart with quick wit but she had some guilt when it came to breaking up matches. She has that guilt with James but that will quickly turn into to something more. She will not follow through with her feelings as she is scared but of course it does happen as James is persistent. James is a good man who is trying to do right by the people who need him. He doesn’t really dislike Henrietta, he is just annoyed by what she did to him. The annoyance quickly turns to lust to love which was sweet as he soon only wanted Henrietta for a wife. Of course there is the pesky problem of accidents happening around Henrietta and James must find out what is going.

The villain will emerge from the plot and he will be out for blood, specifically Henrietta’s. He will be after her because of what was seen and he had to cover his tracks, which meant Henrietta had to disappear. James and Henrietta will fight to track the villain.

So a little supernatural flows through the book with the necklace that Henrietta wears. It was a necklace all the sisters wore that found a match for them. Henrietta is stubborn and doesn’t wear it until she is forced to by her sister. When they found their match the necklace would almost come alive.

I have the next book which is the last one from the Cynster Sisters series.


One thought on “And Then She Fell

  1. I liked this one , too.

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