The Way You Look Tonight

The Way you look tonightRafe Sullivan is a private investigator who is coming back to his old family getaway, the cabin his family lost. He was surprised to find that the girl next door was the same girl he knew back then. Rafe will be noticing that she had certainly changed. She was still that cute girl but had a woman’s body. Rafe will be wary to start anything with Brooke as he was still shaken by his last mistake with a woman.

Brooke was living at her grandparents cottage for a couple years now and doing well in the town and with her truffle making business. She had what she wanted but she felt she was still missing something. Then the wild boy Rafe Sullivan moves back home and she finds out that the crush she had on him when she was a little girl was still very much there.

The Way You Look Tonight is the ninth book to Bella Andre’s series Sullivans. When starting the series there were only eight Sullivans as a family unit then the cousins were introduced and this is their first novel staring them as the main characters. Andre creates the cousin Sullivans to be very similar to the other ones as they are all caring and very good looking. Though I will say that Rafe is a little more tortured at least when he was judging himself. It will take Brooke caring about Rafe for him to realize that he should not blame himself solely on what happened. Brooke is a good person and she finally breaks down and wants to walk on the wild side which only includes Rafe. There was a mistake she had made when she was a teenager. The secret sounded so horrible I was expecting a lot more to have happened. What happened was not good but at least no one had died in the accident. Then there is the moment that you knew would happen when Rafe decides to use his job and look up Brooke and her partner. There was going to be nothing but trouble from that. It does get resolved and Brooke and Rafe will grow stronger which leads them to their happy ending.

I will be reading Mary and Jake’s story next and then it looks like I will take another break from the Sullivans series. Now once that break is over I will hopefully have Mia’s story which will be the eleventh book, then it will be the next brother. I don’t know who will be next as it could be either Ian, Dylan or Adam.

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