Confessions from an Arranged Marriage

Confessions from an Arranged MarriageLord Blakeney never wanted to marry but he found himself being saddled with a wife thanks to one mistake on mistaken identity. He will soon find that his wife is not as cold as he thought especially in the bedroom.

Minerva Montrose wanted her marriage to mean something and to work in politics. She will be struck with Blakeney who doesn’t have political ambitions, but with spending more time with her husband she will find that there is more to the man and that he is hiding parts of himself.

Confessions from an Arranged Marriage is the fourth book to the series Burgundy Club by Miranda Neville. It was a pretty good book to read, maybe not my favorite, but overall something I thought was well written.

Blakeney and Minerva were two people who wanted nothing to do with each other. They were being forced to do the right thing and marry for their reputations. So the marriage started out as a necessity with no real feelings. The characters will find that harmony living with each other and love but it does take a while since they have to earn each others respect and trust. I liked that Neville took the time to have the characters struggle with trust and not straight into the bedroom.

There will be a villain, Huntley, among the story who will be threatening Blakeney to reveal the secret that he had been holding since a child. A secret of that magnitude has no choice but to be suspected. I was glad that in the end Blakeney is not disgraced as you thought he would be thanks to Huntley.

I think I would be interested in reading from the beginning of the Burgundy Club to find out more from the characters who had been mentioned.


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