Captured by the Highlander

Captured by the HighlanderLady Amelia Templetion was taken away from the safety of her bed by a mad Scot who wanted revenge against her fiancee. She could not believe what lies this man was telling her about her betrothed but as she spent more time in his presence she started to doubt what she knew.

Duncan MacLean needed revenge against the man, Bennett, who had beheaded his intended. If not for revenge for the sake of those around the murderer as Duncan knew that others would fall to their deaths around Bennett. He will take great pride in capturing the woman who belongs to Bennett but as he spends time with her he will find himself changing to a new type of man.

Captured by the Highlander is the first book to the series Highlanders Trilogy by Julianne MacLean. I don’t read tons of books with Highlanders as most of my romances do occur in the ballroom or the slums of England. I thought MacLean captures the mood of revenge well and makes it believable when the warrior will have a change of heart. Duncan was a good man and was a surprise as MacLean gives a little twist with his character. Now Amelia was the good English daughter who was brought up to be good and marry a man of worth. She does her part that is until she is kidnapped, but this good English rose changes over that course and becomes stronger. There is a drive to run from danger and Amelia will be good at that but sometimes that leads to more danger. As the danger becomes real, passion will still find its way between Amelia and Duncan.

So as far as villains go Bennett is pretty much one you wanted to see brought in for his actions. There were times that I wondered if Bennett was indeed the murder as he did not play the villain all the time but perhaps its was because his character did not have a lot of parts. Although when he does have his parts there are those moments when you can tell that he is not a very good man and indeed the villain that they have been searching for across Scotland.

With only two more books it wouldn’t take me long to finish this series that is it will when I find the other two books. I will have to request them but it might be a while since I have so many other books to read in my pile.


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