Scandal of the Year

Scandal of the YearJulia has manged what most society would think appalling, a divorce. She has done the unthinkable only to survive, for if she stayed married much longer she would die. Julia will find her freedom only to have ruin one man’s reputation, the one man she cared for.

Aidan Carr, Duke of Trathen, is in need of a wife but with the latest scandal it was hard to find a woman to look past that. He will find help from the last person he thought would help, the woman who created the scandal, but the more time he spends with her he will know she is the woman he wants.

Scandal of the Year is the second book to the series Abandoned at the Alter from Laura Lee Guhrke. I was very entertained with this book and with this author. Throughout most of it I just wanted to find out more with what happened to Julia and if she and Aidan would have their happy ending.

Julia seemed cold and insincere in the beginning and that made me not want to read the book but once you get past those thoughts Guhrke will show you what type of woman Julia really was, and that was a good woman. She was kind but ultimately fearful and too scared at what life could bring her thanks to her marriage. Throughout the book I wanted to know what had happened even though you had a pretty good idea. Aidan was a good man no matter what situation he was in which was refreshing. I liked that he did have a lustful side which had him needing Julia and it created that passion filled romance between the two characters.

There was a twist that I didn’t see coming with Julia and Aiden. It made sense because of how Julia felt about the entire situation. I was glad that it happened that way as the next time it would mean something more.

I am trying another one of her books next that is from another series which I had picked up randomly from the shelf.


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