The Marriage Trap

The Marriage TrapJack Rigg, Earl of Raleigh, did not want to be married and least of all trapped in one. Nevertheless he will be in that situation and find that marriage might not be so bad with the right woman. He now just has to prove that his brother in law was not a murderer.

Ellie Hill or Aurora as she has gone by is a woman who was bent on surviving. She takes care of her brother but trouble will find its way to them. She will have to prove that she is not a thief or that her brother is a murderer. Jack will proved her a way out of that trouble.

The Marriage Trap is the first book to the series Trap by Elizabeth Thornton. This was a book that I enjoyed. Things were deceiving when it came to the book and not just the plot but the characters. The mystery of who murdered the actress and stole the jewels were the topic for the book and it was something that kept my interest throughout the book.

I liked the character of Ellie as she was feisty and a little rebellious when it came to following the rules. For the gambling part she is acting out of character to save her brother from creditors so its not all about her wanting to have fun. For the most part she puts on a brave face and doesn’t want to give into charity. She will take it at times especially when it came to Jack but she will still go toe to toe with him. Jack was a man who avoided traps especially the marriage kind and he will find himself being trapped twice by the same woman. There is animosity between the two but that also brought heated passion. Passion will not be the only thing that will hold their attention as there is still the mystery of the murder that Robbie was being accused of and there was a good twist that I didn’t see coming.

The villain was the mystery but they were one and the same with the murder and the theft. I was not expecting the person who was the villain but if I were to look back there were hints but they were subtle enough that they didn’t grab you and point out the bad guy.

This author sounded familiar and as I started to think about her when I finished the book. I thought about it and found that I have read one book from her list of novels long before I started this blog. With this book done I think I will definitely have to follow up with the other two books from this series.


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