As Twilight Falls

As Twilight FallsKadie Andrews will take one wrong turn and soon find herself in a town that is not on the map. She will also find that by setting foot in this town she will not be able to venture out of its boundaries. Kadie will know something is very wrong especially when she meets Rylan Saintcrow who looks to be the man in charge, but she will find out that he is not a man.

Rylan Saintcrow will wake after thirty years of sleep all because of a newcomer, Kadie. He will want her with him and he will take her as she calls to him. He will keep her in the town that he owns along with the other vampires and humans who have stumbled in, but he will soon be seeing things differently as he gets closer to Kadie.

As Twilight Falls is a standalone novel by Amanda Ashley. I have read one other book from her and I really liked it. She is a good writer and the characters make me want to continue her story. I liked the concept of the book with a town that was not on the map but clearly there once you walked over. It was interesting that you could stumble upon the town but couldn’t get out unless you were the owner.

Rylan was the master vampire of the town and made it like a haven for those vampires. I loved his character. I liked that he came out of his sleep for Kadie that her pull to him was so strong. He was like a dictator in the town but he will soon slowly change for Kadie. He will give all he can to Kadie just not her freedom that is until he knows that will be the only way. Kadie’s character was a strong woman and she acted the part of a woman being held prisoner by a punch of vampires. It seemed unbelievable that she would fall for Rylan but of course it does happen. Their relationship is unstable to say the least but they find a way to work being in the town especially as Rylan will soften.

The ending was predicable with what happens which gave Kadie and Rylan a chance at happiness. I did like how the author helped them with the problem of Kadie’s father.

I don’t have another book yet picked up from Amanda Ashley but I will be on the look out for another one to read.


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