RippedHayley didn’t know how the wedding was going to be but she had not expected to be tearing out of her dress. She will be rescued by the best man, Niccolo “Nico Rosi, who will not only have rescuing on his mind as he ushered out the church saving her from a wardrobe malfunction.

Ripped is the first book to the Miller series from Sarah Morgan. Before clicking on my Kindle, which I finally got just this year and like it though I still will read my paperback books, I had no idea that this book was a novella probably as I just didn’t look at the screen. I had no real complaints of the book because there was humor, some wit, lots of sexual tension and of course sex between the two characters and it was very sizzling. Sarah Morgan, whom I have never read, gave a lot in this novella but there was a point that had me wanting more. It was not like anything was missing from the story but I just wanted more pages so I could keep reading.

Nico was the man you wanted to be with. He was sweet, interested in what you did for work, gorgeous, and had an accent. I liked that he truly did want Hayley from the beginning but he held off letting her have a relationship with Charlie even though he knew it was not right for her. Now Hayley was an independent woman who didn’t necessary want marriage. With Charlie it would eventually kill her spirit. Marriage to the right man would have Hayley living her life without changing and that man was definitely Nico.

It looks like Rossi, Hayley’s sister, will be next in this series which will be coming out in June.

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