Tempt Me at Twilight

Tempt me at TwilightPoppy Hathaway was in love with one man but thanks to another that love would never blossom into marriage. She will not be forced into the decision of marriage to this villain but knows that it needs to happen as she has been compromised. Poppy hoped to make it work but the more she found out how she was manipulated she was hurt. She will have to forgive her husband in order to survive her marriage.

Harry Rutledge was a wealthy owner of a hotel but he would not be considered a hero. He knew secrets and used them to get what he wanted. He wanted Poppy the moment he saw her and was not put off by ruining her slim chances with the man she loved.

Tempt Me At Twilight is the third book from Lisa Kleypas series Hathaways. With the first and second book behind me I was looking forward to Poppy’s story as I am liking the series more and more with each book.

Poppy was young and in love but she still had a head on her shoulders. She will do what she had to, to deal with and try to find the best in her husband. Kleypas keeps them distant as she was in love with Michael but if it was a perfect love then Michael would have fought harder. Now Harry was to be considered the villain of the book without a doubt as he used secrets to get what he wanted. He did that with Poppy and Michael’s relationship because he wanted her, but as you find out more about him you soften towards him. He was a hero but in the shadows. With Poppy’s help he becomes more of the man he was meant to be but there was of course the ruthless side that would never go away.

I will be reading the fourth book next and I am excited to find out what will happen between Leo and Cat.


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