Seduce Me At Sunrise

Seduce me at SunriseKev Merripen has loved his beautiful friend for most of his life since he was taken in by her family. With respect to her and her family he has kept his distance especially due to his past. Although avoiding temptation from Winnifred could only stand for so long.

Winnifred Hathaway has loved her friend for as long as she remembered. She is heartbroken when she keeps telling him that she loves him but he doesn’t return those feelings even though she knows he is not indifferent. Now that she is better she will show him that she has not changed but there will be competition for her hand.

Seduce Me At Sunrise is the second book to Hathaways series from Lisa Kleypas. The first book of the series caught my attention but it did take some time for me to get into, the opposite of the second book. I went right into the book know that I knew this family. To be honest I was apprehensive about the story at first but with the first couple of pages I got into the story.

From the first book you were introduced to Kev and Winnifred or Win and it was obvious there was attraction but it was displayed more on Win’s side. I was interested in how their relationship would progress when Kev was not being too forth coming with his feelings, but he does show them when the time comes to be passionate. I did like the background which Kleypas gave on Kev and Win. Knowing how they became friends and started a relationship helped give their characters more.

The villain was pretty predictable and with the subtle hints you had a pretty good idea what was going to happen. I did like how Win’s part was vital to get what was need to save her family member. She was strong and manipulative when the time was needed.

I am continuing the series with the third book where Poppy will be having her story being told.


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