Lady Sophia’s Lover

lady sophia's loverLady Sophia wanted to get close to the man, Sir Ross Cannon, as he was responsible for taking the last thing in her life she loved. Sophia would resort to seduction but will find herself falling in love.

Sir Ross Cannon was used to finding criminals and putting them away, and living a solitude life. That will all change when he hires Sophia as his assistant. He will fight the attraction but not hard as he will be leading her to his bed. Ross will however know that she is not being truthful and will be in search to find what she is hiding.

Lady Sophia’s Lover is the second book to Bow Street Runners series from Lisa Kleypas. I had to wait a day to read this book as my book clubs choice had to come first since I was going there to discuss but now I am back with Lisa Kleypas and this story like the first was a book I loved reading.

Sir Ross Cannon who is in charge of the runners will have his chance in the spotlight and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed his story. He was a man who followed by the rules and seemed cold almost voided of emotion. It was because of his first wives death but Sophia will awaken what had been sleeping inside him. He might have been a little rough around the edges at times but it never seemed that way with Sophia. He treated her with respect, lust and of course love. Though it was hard because she kept things from him. Sophia hid her revenge from Ross as she was out to get him, to hurt him. Now there will be that turning point that has Sophia changing her mind about all that she thought about her revenge and what was true. It will certainly help that between them a passion comes alive.

I enjoyed the twists that Kleypas placed in the book. Incidentally they both related to Sophia. One about her need for revenge which I didn’t really see coming until she uncovered her hatred. That comes forward pretty quickly in the book so it wasn’t a big twist but it certainly changed things. Now the other big one is someone who will be uncovered. They will come forward and reveal their identity that was surprising but secretly I was hoping this plot twist would happen.

I have one more book to get through for the Bow Street Runners series then I am off to another one of her series.


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