Eleanor & Park

Eleanor & ParkThe book I read from my book club for May was Eleanor & Park. I had asked one of the librarians was this going to be a sad book and she gave me a look that said it all. Now as it was for my book club I was going to force myself to read it even though it might not make me happy. Also this was the first book I listened to on CD since high school which was a different experience and very long. Books on audio are very long.

So first off Eleanor & Park was a fantastic young adult book written by Rainbow Rowell. I could not get enough of this book, and yes the librarian was right and she also wasn’t when talking about the ending. The story behind it is basically two kids who are outcasts in their own way and they are surviving high school in Nebraska, in the 80’s. They were not friends at first and then they became more thanks to comics and music that was shared between them.

I am not going to go into detail as I do with some books as it is one you should just read and find out what will happen. I will say that there are ups and downs, ones that will make you sigh in happiness, and there are moments that make you cry. Crying in this book at least for me was one of those ugly cries where your whole face will just breakdown. I was alright with that because as a whole this book was well worth reading.

I highly recommend Eleanor & Park.


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