Someone to Watch Over Me

someone to watch over meVivien Rose Duvall was the courtesan men wanted and she took pleasure with whom she wanted. An accident will happen and she will wake up with no memories of her former life or even her own name. She will find help from Grant but as they divulge deeper more danger will be around the corner.

Grant Morgan is a Bow Street Runner and good at his job. He will be surprised that it will lead to Vivien’s body in the Thames barely alive. He will help her get better and be surprised that she had no memory. Grant will use this to his advantage but find that it will be hard to judge Vivien as she was acting like someone else.

Someone to Watch Over Me is the first book to the series Bow Street Runners from Lisa Kleypas. For me, Lisa Kleypas is becoming a favorite author to read. I really loved this book. Bow Street Runners are not always with the romance books I read so its nice for a change and with these characters as they bring in a sense of suspense and a little mystery.

Grants character as a Bow Street Runner made me want to continue the book. He was a tall man, had a sense of justice but was not always nice especially when he had a grudge against a certain courtesan. Vivien was a surprise it was like she was two people in the book. The beginning was were she was manipulative and striking with many suitors who wanted her in their bed. Then she was almost killed and she became kind and considerate and horrified at her previous actions. With what happened to Vivien and her change of attitude completely threw me when Kleypas unrevealed a twist. The twist was done perfectly and led the story into a new direction.

Kleypas keeps you on a journey through the truth with the characters and Grant will be able to solve but it wouldn’t be too easy. Grant will have to deal with a villain who is close to him that will be causing harm to the woman he loves.

I am reading the second book next from Kleypas Bow Street Runners series which is featuring Sir Ross Cannon who was introduced in the first book.


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