Waking Up with a Rake

waking up with a rakeRhys Warrick has been dishonored for what happened during a battle but what the rumors were saying were not true. Rhys would do anything to restore his honor which meant he was to use his ability to seduce. His objective was to ruin a young woman who had the eye of one of the royal Princes.

Miss Olivia Symon was wanted for marriage because of her families fertility. Olivia will do what she is told but things will change when she meets Rhys who was supposed to be there from her intended. He will start to seduce her as he keeps her protected from accidents that happened around her.

Waking Up with a Rake is the first book to the series Royal Rakes from Connie Mason and Mia Marlowe. I really actually liked this book. It was a easy, fast paced and passion filled read.

I have not read too many where the man is being instructed to actually ruin a woman so he can have his reputation saved, but that is what Rhys has to do. I found him a loveable rake as he is one but he doesn’t want to actually go through with ruining her because he didn’t want her hurt. Olivia was the obedient daughter but when she is provoked her voice will come forward along with her passion when squaring off with Rhys. I thought the twist of marriage between them was humorous but there was still the accidents that kept happening around Olivia and Rhys honor to restore.

The villain was a toss up. The person that was being presented was too obvious so I figured it was not her. Now there was some who just seemed too nice but the only problem was I didn’t know why they would want Olivia hurt. The truth will come out and I was right about the person.

As I now have finished the book I immediately looked up the next two book and requested them from my library. They are both out so I will have to wait a little but I have plenty of books to keep reading.


2 thoughts on “Waking Up with a Rake

  1. Gayle, I’ve read the second book in this series and really liked it. I want to read this one also, and the third. I like these two authors writing together.

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