Lessons in Loving a Laird

Lessons in loving a laridShona Slayter has lived through her own tragedy when she was eight and saw most of her family die at the hands of her clansmen. Now as she will be close to turning of age where she can leave, she and her sister can look for their younger brother. Shona will find that her freedom will be tested by the new laird.

Conall is the new laird and will take pleasure knowing that he will get the better of Shona. He thought to teach her a lesson when he took her and her sister in to his household but she becomes more of temptation than he thought and she was not one to back down.

Lessons in Loving a Laird is the second book to the series Highland Knaves from Michelle Marcos. I liked this book. It was a simple plot and the characters were likeable especially Shona’s forwardness and Conall’s kindness with all that has happened. There were some villains that goes back to the time when Shona and Willow were marked. Now the villains were not like those  ultimate villains that do come through some novels, but they were pretty cruel regardless. There at times when the book was a little silly but overall I did enjoy the book.

At the end of the book you find that the younger brother might not have met with such a dreaded fate. I wonder if this is it for the series or will Michelle Marcos give the younger brother a story and unite all the siblings?


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