The Earl in My Bed

The Earl in My BedPaget Ellsworth walks the countryside lonely these days as her best friends are no longer at her side. One has past away while the other is at war. Paget will be annoyed that everyone thinks that she is to be with Owen, the earl’s youngest son, but she has found no passion there. She will be surprised when she turns to Jamie who is the eldest and heir.

Jamie, Earl of Winningham, has always been on the side when it came to his brothers and to Paget. His long desire for Paget he keeps hidden but now it gets harder to do when they finally kiss. He will find that he will want to keep her at his side.

The Earl in My Bed is a novella from the Forgotten Princesses series by Sophie Jordan. The novella was a very quick read and one that I enjoyed very much from the author. She writes intriguing characters that I want to know more about. I am always so surprised when a novella holds my attention and has a good story that is within its very few pages.

Now it has been a little while since I have read any of her books but I do remember very well Jack Hadley’s daughters from the previous books. I will will reading about the fourth sisters and I think final one of the series.

So The Earl in My Bed really was a fun book to read. I liked the characters of Paget and Jamie. They seemed an unlikely pair but instead they were perfect for each other. The younger brother Owen had been thought to be Paget’s husband when he came back but he wouldn’t have that chance now, of course he is in the third book to the Forgotten Princesses series so I am excited to see what will happen.


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