The Perfect Murder

The Perfect MurderSebastian Costas has been driven for the past year to find his ex wife and son’s murderer. Sebastian will be getting closer to the killer and will be led to California, and to the organization Last Stand.

Jane Burke started working with Last Stand hoping to find something that she could do. She will soon be finding herself on a case of missing sisters and will find help with a Sebastian who was looking for his own killer. She will soon realize that their killers are one of the same.

The Perfect Murder is the sixth and final book to the series Last Stand from Brenda Novak. I was once again engrossed in the novel wondering how it would end and hoping that the villain gets caught and punished. It seems that Brenda Novak gets me to turn the pages of her books especially with all the suspense that was involved.

Sebastian was a dedicated to finding the killer who took his ex wife and son. I was enthralled with him and impressed with all that he was able to do to even track the killer. Jane’s character was scared and still healing from all that she had endured. I liked that she found her voice and helped those who could not help themselves. I liked the romance that started and it gave this couple a chance at happiness of course there are bumps in the road that get a little dicey when the killer starts to look towards Jane.

The villain was pretty much a man who was deranged and diabolical when it came to violence and getting what he wanted. Novak does a good job making sure that he acted like a man insane with his thoughts and actions throughout the novel.

I thought this was a good finish to end the book and the series. Of course I will still have to find the second, third and fourth book to completely finish the series.


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